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Pearl, Jan, Shelley and Linda, the four fish packers from Hull, have decided to use the money they won at the races to treat themselves to a luxury holiday in Australia! However, just like on their trip to Royal Ascot, things don't go quite to plan.

Join us as we return for the hilarious sequel. A comedy of four friends against the world on the opposite side of the planet! From the team that brought you 'Ladies Day' 


Roles -


Female roles required:-


Jan –   Is a devoted single middle aged mum – has always been in love with Joe but has never said anything. She spends all her time and money on her only daughter. Hull accent needed. Age 40’s


Pearl - Has retired from the factory and now spends time with her husband and children. She has a special reason for wanting to go to Austrailia. Age 50 plus  Hull accent needed


Shelley - Loves the money and high life but now has almost spent it all and disillusioned with it all. Will she ever find love??  Age 20’s  Hull accent needed


Linda-  Hates having the money and not sure what to do with it. Will she ever find happiness??  Hull accent needed






Male roles required:-


Men – Joe   - Retirement age – 55 to 65 Hull accent Joe is the supervisor of the fish factory (Jan’s love interest).    He will also play Bill an air steward on-board the plane to Oz.

Men -  Shane a surfer, Danny - a traveller and Bondi Bitch a drag queen.  Age 20’s to 30’s all Australian accents. If you can sing all the better but not necessary.  

Men - Tom – a volunteer fire fighter (Australian accent) , Ben - Air steward on board plane to Oz, Charlie - an aristocratic drop out, Koala Bare - drag queen.  (Australian accent) Age open

Read Through of play Feb Monday 17th 19.45 pm at CTW in the bar

Auditions Mon 24th and Tuesday 25th Feb in the bar 19.45.


Our NODA award winning crew are back with us. Iain, Roger, Peter, Sally Williams and new member Sue Marriott.  We might be needing a third tech but will be letting you know nearer the time.  If you want to read the script before the read through just send a message to me either on messenger or by email

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