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Derren Brown's Unbelievable - Mercury Theatre, Colchester

Derren Brown is known for his mentalism and jaw dropping magic however, this production was something completely different and for all the right reasons.

The cast of seven, led by Simon Lipkin delivered a range of magical tricks and illusions many with great musical accompaniment. I particularly liked the section where the historical period of prohibition was combined with changing water into various drinks. The vocals with this were reminiscent of Musical Theatre with some great magic as the backbone to the stunning production of this trick.

The quartet of musicians was a great addition to the show as was the historical facts about magic used throughout the production. Derren along with his collaborators Andy Nyman and Andrew O’Connor have brought this team of actors into the world of magic with great success.

The content of the show is a closely guarded secret, and we also don’t want to spoil the surprises for future audiences, but this was an entertaining evening, and we look forward to seeing how this develops in the West End when it transfers there.

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